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We offer some delightful bites & cocktails to enjoy with friends & family. 

Available every day:


Basic Charcuterie Tray - $14 Double-smoked salami and pepperoni paired with Kenny's Farmhouse cheeses.  Served with crackers. Pre-packaged and ready to plate at home if you're getting it to go. 

Charcuterie Box - $35 Two of Kenny's Farmhouse cheeses, a selection of local honey & preserves from HoneyBear Farms, double-smoked salami & pepperoni, crackers, fruit, & accompaniments.  Artfully packaged to-go and comes with a honey dipper for drizzling. 

Warm Pretzel Bites & Beer or Wine Cheese - $9 Warm pretzel bites with your choice of beer or wine cheese for dipping.

Please choose your cheese flavor profile:

Classic: Mild, familiar flavors

Bold: A selection of bolder flavors

Spicy: Chipotle cheddar & Jalapeno Jack

BlackBelt Cheese Spreads (cheese with a little kick), 8 oz. tubs - $11  Served with crackers. 

Yuengling Black & Tan Beer Cheese Spread

Off the Rails Platform Pinot Wine Cheese Spread

Add pepperoni & double-smoked salami: $2.50

Slow-smoked BBQ Chicken & Pork

Sandwich (onions, pickles, BBQ on side) served with chips $9.50

Nachos (Blackbelt wine cheese sauce, BBQ sauce, choice of chicken or pork, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos) $12.50

Pesto Chicken Salad - $9.5  Served with your choice of crackers or Hawaiian buns with chips. 


Bloody Marys

Bloody Wheatley (made with premium, triple-filtered Wheatley vodka)
Bloody "Rose" (made with Four Roses bourbon instead of vodka because hey, it's Kentucky)
​Spicy Bloody (made with Jeptha Creed's hot pepper vodka)

Bloody Maria (made with KY bourbon-barrel-aged reposado)

Mimosa (Pineapple or Orange)

Sangria by the glass or carafe

Wine Slushy: per glass or per 24 oz. to-go bag

Bourbon Slushy: per glass or per 24 oz. to-go bag

Wheatley Screwdriver

Old Fo Old Fashioned with Kentucky Straight Ice

(substitute any bourbon of choice for an upcharge)

Wheatley & Tonic or Soda

Kentucky (Four Roses Bourbon) or Wheatley Vodka Mule

(substitute any bourbon of choice for an upcharge)

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